On the topic of homework……..

I will begin sending home a homework list which will describe all assignments and activities.  This will be your child’s planner.  They will still be responsible for planning when they will do their work but this will support any questions that might arise at home. 

Also, I will be meeting with each student about the homework process to check in on how it’s going and how we can adjust if needed.  One option I will be giving students is to continue to use the planner or to use a one-page planner for the week.  

This seems like a natural time of year to have a check-in as we are just finishing our first quarter.  I welcome any ideas and/or feedback as to how to connect school and home.  

In Math, we will be learning Athletics which is an online math support program.  This program supports fluency in math across all strands.  This will be a part of homework starting after next week.  We will practice logging in and navigating the program at school and then at home.  I will send home passwords for athletics the week we start.  Very exciting!!!


Happy weekend


The week of portfolios…

As our project and all units are coming to end for the quarter we have turned our attention to reflecting on what we have done so far this year.

This is a HUGE process for the 2/3 class.  First, each student chooses two-three pieces of work from each content area that s/he would like to reflect on.  Next, they reflect on each piece and consider questions such as What was the hardest part of this piece of work? or What do you know now that you did not know before?  Each content area was supported with matching graphic organizers to use as a reflection tool. I am happy to say we have 98% finished this task!  Last, we will spend next week taking pictures of our work and reflections and upload them into our digital portfolios.

What an amazing week of reading reflections and having conversations about learning.  This is an amazing group of learners and they have done an unbelievable amount of work during the first portion of the year.  They were so proud to look back and realize they had information and knowledge that they did not before.  They were sort of start struck with themselves!  As was I!  It’s not to often in life that we are able to stop and process what went well, what can I do better or what was my takeaway?  I am so proud of the 2/3 class for going through this process.  Well done!

In Pictures

 img_1321img_1328img_1331 img_1330


In reading, we have started to explore character traits and emotions.  This week we have been learning the difference between traits: something that is part of you on the inside (personality) and emotions: feelings caused from an outside force.  We began to inquire about certain characters in our read aloud and are linking our findings to evidence in the book.

In writing, we have dug our heels into synonyms.  We are finding synonyms and using them in our writing.  In an effort to write a stronger piece we are also learning about sentence starters.  We are using these skills and parts of speech in our persuasive writing pieces.  What amazing writers we have!

Math Happenings

Team Red – Team Red has continues to work on addition using multiple strategies.  We are solving three addend equations using both two and three digit numbers.  We have mastered one strategy and are very close to mastering the second strategy.  Next week we will practice strategy three and four!


Team Green – Team Green is working on MONEY!  Team Green has spent the week counting money and exchanging money.  We have practiced these skills through playing games which include matching games and building games.  Finally, we started to exchange money.  We are also using an app that supports many different ways to make the same amount of money using coins.  


We continue to track temperature and practice number of the day!  More routines will come over the course of the year.