SHARE DAY Our first official share day will be January 2.  Students may bring something to share with the class on Monday.

What have we been up to?

A quick note about what we have been doing………

Literacy –

Visualization – We have been working on visualization as a tool to help us better comprehend and connect with our reading.  We have practiced this with wordless picture books (writing the story), reading a detailed excerpt from a book and drawing the picture in our mind, choosing a sentence or phrase from our reading that contributed to painting the picture in our mind, making comparisons in informational texts ex. the t-rex’ tooth was as large as a banana.  

Word Work- We have been working hard this week on making and understating possessives and making words past tense.  We explored the difference between plural vs. possessive and later in the week moved to adding ed to the end of words and investigating the three sounds this ending makes.  

Writing – As we finished letter writing we have moved in to informational writing.  


Red Team – We are well into multiplication and this week the idea of division was introduced as a strategy to help solve multiplication problems with missing factors.  We have mastered our 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and are currently working on 3’s.  Next we will move to 4’s.

Green Team – We have been looking at place value with base ten blocks.  We have learned how to read numbers in numerals and in words up to 99,999.  Our next goal will be moving on to string addition 5+6+5+3+2+10 = and double digit addition 25+32 =.  

Global Studies- In global studies we are studying VT government and many of it’s moving parts.  We have focused on the branches of gov, the two main purposes of the constitution, laws rights and responsibilities.  We are currently writing comic strips that will show our understanding in these areas of government.  This will be followed with the start of our final product for this project – a bill of rights for VDS!