Learning from an Amazing Pilot!

This week in STEM, the 2/3 class continued exploring what they need to know to answer their driving question. They focused on the force of thrust, and brainstormed and experimented with ways to increase the force of thrust and overcome drag to get their plane to fly.

We were also fortunate to have Alizee’s mom, Dunja, come and speak with us. Dunja is an experienced professional pilot, and has won the award for the best female pilot in Canada! She has flown many types of planes, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the science and engineering behind flight. She shared with us some amazing information from her experiences as a pilot, as well as teaching the students about the training that the pilots go through, the Wright brothers’ first flight, and the importance of imagination and creativity in solving problems (such as how to fly!) Dunja took the 2/3 class on a simulated flight by going through a pre-flight check, and showing us a video of a take off and landing through a pilot’s perspective. The 2/3 class looked at flight maps, model airplanes, pictures of the instruments found on a plane, and photos of Dunja in the airplanes that she flew. They also learned about Newton’s three laws of motion, and how they are related to flight!

Finally, Dunja and Alizee helped the class build propeller planes from balsa wood, and let them fly! She gave suggestions on how to adjust the plane depending on whether they wanted it to turn one direction or the other, or fly further, referring to the forces of flight as well. All of this wonderful information will be helpful next week when we start the prototypes for the flying toys! Thank you to Dunja and to Alizee for an amazing presentation on flight, and for sharing all of her expertise with us!


Flying our propeller planes



Learning about Newton’s Laws

Investigating Flight Maps and Flight Time Schedules


Take off!

How do things fly? Who invented the first airplane?


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