Musical Inventions Ahead!

Attention musical inventors!!!!!

The Vermont Day School Musicians have been looking at the instruments of the orchestra and have discussed each family (Woodwinds,  Brass,  Percussion, and Strings) and how they work from a scientific point of view.  We have discussed sound in terms of vibration and movement of air and have looked at how sound vibrations can move through instruments to make music.  On Feb 21 we will have a chance to put that study into ACTION!  We are gathering materials to create musical instruments.  All students will be expected to find a way to create vibration,  “capture” it and/or enhance it in a sound chamber and then change it somehow. That’s the challenge!

You can help by sending in ordinary recycling or other interesting household objects that can be used to create an instrument.  ( For example, I made a drum out of plastic from an Amazon package,  some yarn, and a metal lampshade!)  Objects should be clean, with no sharp or dangerous edges.  We will be using string, wire, rubber bands, duct tape, and hot glue to put them together and will only take one music class to make it happen. Other helpful contributions could include:  toilet paper tubes or wrapping paper tubes, box board or cardboard, plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes, (rinsed clean), old pots or pans or lids,  plastic containers,  small sanded pieces of wood, clothes pins, hangars, string or material, coffee cans or tubs, non-working toys, beads, rice, or dried beans,  etc.  Use your imagination!  Please no glass or sharp metal pieces. Your child has been working on an idea and may also be looking for something specific.  Send it in any day before Wed, Feb 21 and we’ll send home something amazing!

Thanks, one and all!


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