Exploring Circuits!

This week in STEM, the 2/3 class brainstormed what they need to know to answer their driving question: How can we, as engineers, design a working circuit for a piece of art?

In this project, they will be working jointly in STEM, Global Studies, and art to design a piece of art that includes a working circuit, that shows how inventions change over time. In STEM, we will be focusing on how circuits work, and on the steps of the engineering design process. Some of the “Need to Knows” that the 2/3 class came up with include:

  • What is a circuit?
  • How does a circuit work?
  • What is engineering?
  • What does an engineer do?

This week we started practicing the steps of the engineering design process: ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.  We also started exploring circuits and how they work. The students took part in three circuit stations: an online circuit simulation, snap circuit challenges, and paper circuit designs. After the three stations, they brainstormed what they thought a circuit was and why it was important. They came up with words such as flow, loop, electricity, complete, and conductor to describe the circuits.

After break, we’ll focus on the engineering design process as the 2/3s continue to learn about circuits, electricity, inventions, and how things change over time.



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