Math News


We have been learning about time as a whole group.  We started with telling time, a.m. and p.m., elapsed time and past or future time.  This is something we will continue to work on for as long as we need.


The Red Team has been exploring fractions.  We have looked at what a fraction represents, equivalent fractions, adding fractions and fractions on a number line.  We will be using this information for an upcoming project……shhhhhh.

The Red team continues to work on multiplication facts.  Their math journals are full of MESS word problems and fact fluency.


The Green Team has started learning about measuring in units.  We will measure in cm and inches, feet and circumference.  We will learn to measure the distance between two things and what tool to use to measure a specific object.  We will continue to learn about time.  Money is also coming to our math sessions and we will use our knowledge of money to do a project…sshhhhh.

The Green team continues to work on adding four multi-digit numbers together and using a checklist to help us solve word problems.  Our math journals are full of MESS word problems, fact fluency and number of the day practice. 


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