Narrative Writing is on the wall!

The 2/3 class has finished their personal narratives and the published versions are displayed on the wall in the hallway.  The 2/3 class wrote this story in parts.  

 Beginning – hook, topic sentence and setting.

 Middle – Sequence of detailed events.

End – Restate topic sentence and tie-up.  

The class wrote these stories about something that really happened to them and was a fond memory.  After a brainstorm session each child landed on a topic.  Then we drafted each section and edited as we went.  When we finished our stories the 2/3’s took part in peer editing and editing with their teacher.  Finally they were ready to publish!  Each learner read their story out loud to their classmates.  As part of the reflection process there were three contributions: self, peers, teacher.  Currently, each learner is posting  their narrative stories and reflections into their portfolios on Kidblog.  We are an improved bunch of writers! 

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